FAQ and Additional Stone Information

What’s the difference between marble and granite?

Both Granite and Marble are a natural stone (come from the earth). The biggest difference between the stones is that one is more porous, softer and less durable than the other. In general Granite is harder, heat resistant as well as resistant to scratches and stains. Marble on the other hand is softer with the biggest drawback being lack of scratch resistance as well as staining. Marble has an appearance like no other stone. Granite and Marble both come in various colors and forms (veining, etc.) Natural stone is earth’s masterpiece. It’s strong, timeless, and beautiful. Granite and Marble will keep their beauty for years to come as well as adding value to your home. Other stones: Limestone, Onyx, Soapstone, Quartz, etc.

What’s the difference between marble and Quartzite?

Granite is a natural stone (found in the earth) whereas Quartzite is a combination of granite fibers (sandstone) mixed with quartz. Quartzite is a harder material then Granite and virtually maintenance free. Quartzite does not have to be treated at all (sealed) while Granite should be sealed at least once because although not a porous material some can have a slight porous factor. Granite can withstand high degrees of heat where Quartzite is not guaranteed to do the same. They are both beautiful in their own right.

What type of stone surfaces and textures are there?

Stones come in various surfaces and textures. Here is a list of the most commonly used finishes. Honed – Basically you are taking most of the shine out of the stone on different levels. It’s a smooth surface but usually porous. The colors on the honed finish will not be a bright or vibrant as on a polished surface. Polished – The surface is very smooth, shiny and brilliant. Flamed – A rough surface that’s developed with an intensive heating. The heating of the surface with a flame is what causes and forms the rough surface. Tumbled – This is a slightly rough texture that is formed in order to create a worn appearance.